Why Do You Need a Mover for Short Distance Moves?

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People who already have experience with short distance moves will only tell you one thing: short-distance moves are among the hardest to do. However, some may find this hard to believe. What could be so hard in moving things to a place that is just right around the corner? This is why people tend to make the mistake of not hiring a professional mover for what they think will be small jobs.

Before you commit the same mistake, we have listed down the main reasons why you should seek the help of a mover for short distance moves.

1. Short distance moves are never easy.

What is supposed to be an easy task becomes extremely hard because people always underestimate the work behind short distance moves. This is true especially for those who are stubborn enough not to hire professional movers, thinking that the expenses incurred will be reduced. They will try to divide their things into smaller manageable loads and just go to and from between sites trying to get everything transferred. Little do they realise that the trips start to get longer and longer as they also start to get tired and worn out from going back and forth between the two locations. Moving things across towns is a lot easier because you don’t have any choice but to pack everything up into one truck that will take it to your new home.

2. You might end up spending more if you try to do short distance moving on your own.

The usual line of thinking when it comes to short distance moving is “Why should I pay for a professional mover so much money when they are only going to travel a short distance? I have my own car to use.” In reality, you might end up spending more if you use your own car because of the higher chances of getting your possessions damaged. As mentioned in the first item above, it will come to a point in the transfer where you will get tired and you will start to treat your things with less care by tossing them into the back of your car or just leaving them somewhere without any special packaging or container.

3. Your possessions will be more secured in the hands of a professional mover.

Professional movers like Brisbane Moving and Storage will treat your belongings the same way it will do for the items that are meant for long distance transfers. They will not bat an eye if you say that the distance between your old and new home is only a short drive. Professional movers are more knowledgeable about the techniques for transferring items, so you are guaranteed to have your items transported to their new location in one piece. However, in rare cases where the items get damaged because of unforeseen circumstances, the moving company will take full responsibility for the damages.

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