What to Ask Your Moving Company

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Uprooting your life and starting anew is certainly a daunting task. This can be even more challenging when you think about the specifics, like packing all of your belongings, organising the items accordingly, and safely transferring them from your old place to your new home. If you’re not careful enough, the transfer might prove to be disastrous, as careless packing, moving, and unpacking can lead to damage to your belongings, especially furniture and antiques.

For this reason, when it comes to the process of moving, it is advisable to hire experienced and carefully trained moving companies. These companies specialise in packing and unpacking, transporting, and safely storing your belongings in order for you to have a seamless and easy transition to your new place.

Choose your moving company wisely

Deciding to enlist the aid of a moving company is just half of the job. In order for you to maximise the experience, it is necessary for you to find a professional and reputable moving company. If you end up choosing a company that does a less than impressive job of moving your belongings, then using a moving company will be just for naught.

Therefore, you need to find a moving company that is definitely worth your money. You can do that by researching the well-regarded moving companies around your area and asking them relevant questions that help you understand the quality of service that their company can offer. Here are a couple of questions that you could ask moving companies in order for you to know if they’re the right movers for you.

  • Is your company licensed?

According to Jessica Ryan, a moving industry professional, author, and writer, proper licensing and accreditation shows that a moving company has been checked carefully by legitimate bodies before approval. This means that these accredited companies, at the least, meet industry standards on providing their services.

  • Upon request, can you provide a couple of references from past customers?

Moving companies with exceptional service are not afraid to provide reviews from past customers. These references show how dependable particular moving companies are, and if people were satisfied with the services that were given to them.

  • How long have you been in the business?

Although longevity doesn’t necessarily mean better quality, a company which has existed for a long time surely knows what customers usually require and has enough experience to provide quality service. The fact that a company has been running for a long time also implies that they have a steady stream of customers.

  • Is your company liable to the damages incurred to items while on the process of moving?

According to Realtor.com, although it is often taken for granted that moving companies have a certain level of accountability to items damaged during the process of moving, it is always better to ask about the terms of liability. This is in order for you to be sure that there will be proper compensation to you if damages occur.

  • What are your company’s rates?

It is better to be prepared for the cost of the moving process. Ask companies for the rates of their services and choose one that you can afford.

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