Self Storage: Tips For Packing & Organisation

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We gather so many things while we’re busy living our lives. You turn around and all of a sudden, it seems like there’s more furniture, clothes, dishes and mementos than you have space for! If you’re feeling cramped but want to hold on to your treasured possessions, or are in the process of moving and can’t take everything with you, then a self-storage container is an excellent option. Here are some of our best tips on how to get the most out of your storage container.

1. Use labels and uniform boxes

While it might be tempting to pick different-sized boxes for different items, this can make it tricky to stack your boxes and might end up costing you valuable space. If all of your boxes look the same, however, make sure you clearly label each box with its content to save you the hassle of digging around in boxes looking for specific items later on. Heavy items like books should be packed in flatter boxes, as a standard square box full of books will end up being far too heavy to lift.

2. Use the right coverings for furniture

If your storage container isn’t climate-controlled, it’s important to choose coverings for furniture that will keep them protected without risking damage. Thick plastic can trap small amounts of moisture and cause warping to wooden furniture and water damage to soft fabrics. Opt instead for fabric blankets that will protect from dust and dirt but allow the furniture to breathe. If you do need to use plastic, choose the thinnest option available.

3. Keep your most needed items at the front

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If you’re storing items that you’ll need to access early in the moving process, then make sure you can access them quickly by putting them in last. If you put them into the container first, you’ll likely end up packing them behind other, less frequently used items, meaning you have to unpack more than you’d like in order to get to them, which also wastes time.

4. Check what can and can’t be stored

Before you start planning what to pack, check that the items you’d planned to store can be kept in the container. We don’t allow some categories, such as food, plants and hazardous materials like gas tanks. If there are any other items you’re not sure about, please contact us and we’d be happy to clarify.

5. Wrap fragile items

While we take the utmost care when transporting your container, it’s still a good idea to wrap any breakable items. Place sheets of bubble wrap or scrunched-up newspaper between dishware, glasses or other items that could be damaged due to accidental rough handling. We also offer a packing service to make this process easier and less time-consuming for you.

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So now you know how to maximise your space in your new self-storage container, what to store and not to store and how to keep all your possessions in pristine condition while in storage. Brisbane Moving offers a unique system where you load your own belongings directly onto the container, which is then taken back to our storage facility. You can access your container and belongings any time of the day or night, and as many times as you need, making it a truly convenient option.

Brisbane Moving are keen to help your make your moving, upsizing, downsizing or any other lifestyle changes as stress-free as they can possibly be. Get in touch to find out more or ask us any questions you might have.