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Stress-Free Pet Travel​

At Brisbane Moving & Storage, we work to ensure your relocation is stress-free for your entire family – pets included. Whether you’re moving to a neighbouring city or interstate, our experienced animal handlers and movers will ensure your pet feels safe and comfortable throughout the ride.

For complex pet transportations, our professional team will arrange all the necessary boarding passes and documentation to ensure the safe transit of your furry or feathered friend. We understand that it can be anxious for pet owners to entrust their beloved family pet to strangers. However, you can feel rest assured that your furry pal will receive extra special care and attention for the entire duration of the trip. We service throughout Australia including Toowoomba, Chinchilla, Miles, the Sunshine Coast, Charleville, Roma and more. 

Family Moving with their Dog — Removalist in Brisbane, QLD

If you’re relocating in Acacia Ridge or moving interstate, enlist the help of the expert removalists at Brisbane Moving & Storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dogs get motion sickness?

Too much movement during car rides can cause dogs, especially puppies, to feel dizzy. For young puppies, motion sickness can be due to a vestibular system that has yet to develop fully. This is the reason puppies appear to outgrow motion sickness by the time they reach the age of 5-6 months.

Should I feed my pet before travelling?

A full stomach might make your dog feel uncomfortable during travel, so feeding right before a trip is not recommended. Instead, feed your dog 4 hours before the trip and let him drink water up to the time of travel.

Why does my cat panic during car rides?

Unlike most older dogs who seem to enjoy road trips, cats can get stressed when travelling. This is because cats see car rides as an unwelcome change in daily rituals. Like many people, cats tend to get stressed when faced with an unfamiliar situation.