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Remove stress and complete your move quickly with packing and unpacking. At Brisbane Moving & Storage, it’s our job to make sure moving day is goes smoothly and hassle-free!

Based in Acacia Ridge, our team will come to any location in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Chinchilla, Miles, the Sunshine Coast, Charleville, Roma and more to pack/unpack your items. We hold packing licences and keep our industry know-how current by attending comprehensive training.

Regardless of whether you’re moving interstate or just a few blocks down the road, we use high-quality, heavy-duty boxes, containers and other packing materials. Our durable materials do a great job at keeping your possessions secure during long and bumpy transits. Then, our experienced and trained professionals load your items skilfully into a shipping container that’s tailored to your requirements.

Having handled countless packing jobs in the past, you can count on our skilful hands to finish the job quickly and without any incident. With many years of experience and a wide range of quality packing materials at our disposal, our team can finish the task in no time. Whether you’re moving an entire home or just a few pieces of furniture, we have practical packing solutions at the ready.

Happy Family unpacking their Things — Removalist in Brisbane, QLD

Without the packing and unpacking to worry about, you have time for more important things – such as getting to know your new neighbourhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pack little items?

Use packing peanuts to keep small items from shifting inside their boxes. To save on packing supplies, you may substitute packing peanuts with washcloths, linens, towels, socks and other small clothing items. Remember to wrap fragile items in thick towels, for an extra layer of protection.

What should I remember when packing fragile items?

Use bubble wrap. Fragile items that have a hole or opening should be filled with bubble wrap or crumpled paper. Then, cover it with paper. Use tape if necessary. Lastly, wrap it in bubble wrap, making sure you cover the entire item.

What should I pack first when moving out?

First pack the items in the basement, attic and other areas you don’t use daily. Out-of-season items such as winter boots and bulky jackets if you’re moving in the summer, should be packed ahead of time.