Moving Contracts: Do you need one?

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If you are planning to move to a new home, enlisting the help of a professional mover like Brisbane Moving and Storage is highly recommended, especially if this is your first time moving to a new house. A lot of problems may come up such as logistical needs, damage to property, or the high physical demand of the task. When you decide to work with a professional mover, it is important to prepare a moving contract to ensure a smooth and problem-free moving process. Why is this so, you may ask? Read on below.

What is a moving contract?

A moving contract creates a formal agreement between you and the professional mover that you plan to hire. It sets down every detail of your moves such as budget, safety concerns, and insurance. You need to make sure that you have thoroughly checked the terms and conditions of your moving contract before proceeding to sign it.

What are the advantages of getting a moving contract?

  • A moving contract helps save time during moving day.

The moving contract ensures that all the questions and concerns you have regarding the services of the professional removal service company have been adequately addressed. You should be fully informed about the scope of the work they will perform, including the number of movers that will be utilised, the number of boxes, the size of the truck, and additional moving needs depending on the items you will transfer to your new home. Knowing all this will prevent any unexpected delays during the moving day and will help save time.

  • A moving contract ensures that you will be working well within your budget.

Each move is unique, and so the moving contracts are also drafted in order to perfectly respond to your needs. The services you and the professional mover have agreed upon are specified, including payment terms which may be a flat rate or an hourly basis. With moving contracts, you can be confident that you will not go overboard with your expenses. This is why it is important to ask the right questions before signing the moving contract in order to fully understand how they will charge you for the service.

  • A moving contract will help you secure your property and resolve misunderstandings that may arise.

Upon drafting the moving contract, the following are the usual questions being addressed:

  • Is extra insurance necessary for the transfer? Are packaged items covered by the insurance?
  • What is included in the moving cost? Is the storage utilised during the start and end of the transfer part of it?
  • What happens if the items being transferred arrive late?
  • Who is accountable for any damages or losses that will occur during the transfer?
  • How will disputes between the client and service provider be managed?

The moving contract will serve as hard evidence for whatever claim you may have should there be any misunderstanding or dispute that may arise.

Hire Brisbane Moving and Storage for your professional moving needs

Should you decide to hire a professional mover to facilitate your transfer to your new home, Brisbane Moving and Storage should be on the top of your list of moving companies to go to. We are an accredited member of the Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA). We are committed to upholding our strong reputation to our clients, which is why we ensure that the moving contracts we sign in every project are all detailed, clear, and are guaranteed to give great benefits to the client.

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