How To Determine If Container Storage Is The Right Option For You

bright colourful storage containers stacked

Do you need storage but remain undecided on what kind is right for you? Container storage might be an option you have considered, or maybe you haven’t heard of it before.

In either case, there are many reasons why this is the best form of storage in 2021. By using container storage you will enjoy many benefits, including:

Container Storage Is Cheaper Than Traditional Storage Methods

When you are looking for long-term storage that you don’t need regular access to, this is by far the most affordable option. Your possessions and valuables will be stored in a secure container that is stored by crane and kept on our secure site. This method is up to 50 per cent cheaper than regular storage facilities but offers the same levels of security, if not higher.

Your Possessions Will Be Protected

Firstly, these solid steel shipping containers are almost impossible to break into. When they are stored at our secure facility, you will have no worries about the safety of your items when it comes to theft. Another advantage these containers have over other storage methods is that they are dustproof, so you won’t come back to dirty possessions. They are also vermin proof, so there is no fear of finding your items chewed through and covered in vermin faeces.

They Provide More Space Than Conventional Methods

You might be surprised at the floor space you will get with a storage container. Just one of our 20-foot containers is going to provide you with 160 square feet (50 square metres) of storage space. This is much more than you will get in a storage shed and is comparable to warehouse storage or constructing an extra building – at just a fraction of the price.

There May Be Tax Benefits

If you need to hire a storage container for work reasons it can be a tax-deductible expense. If it is an operating cost or the items being stored are for work purposes, you can claim the hire as a deduction on your next tax return.

You Don’t Have To Pay for Ongoing Maintenance

Other storage solutions may require you to pay for routine maintenance to the building and the storage component itself as they will wear over time. Our containers are highly durable, but they are not invincible. Over (a long period of) time they can degrade and become subject to rust and corrosion. By hiring a container, you will always be assured of a durable and well-maintained storage option. If the container ever shows signs of rust or corrosion, your possessions can simply be moved into a new container – at no extra charge.

You Won’t Have To Pay for Electricity

Powered storage solutions include fees for humidity control and lighting. You won’t have to pay those fees with a storage container. You won’t need lighting as the container will be moved to an easy to access, well-lit location when you need to access your possessions inside. If you are worried about humidity or condensation, there are ventilated storage container solutions or, alternatively, silica gel bags can help keep moisture at bay.

You Can Easily Scale Up Your Storage

Depending on your storage purposes, you may need more space in the future. This can make it challenging to store items in warehouses or buildings because you might run out of space in the future. With our containers, the answer is simple. If you need an extra container, you can easily get one and have it stacked with your current container. You can easily scale up and down according to your storage requirements without any hassle or blown out expenses.

Hire a Storage Container in Brisbane

For secure storage solutions in Brisbane, get in touch with Brisbane Moving & Storage. Our storage containers are ideal for both long and short term storage and are kept within a secure facility to protect your belongings.