A Complete Change Of Address List For Moving House

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From negotiating contracts to transporting furniture, moving house locally or interstate is overwhelming. On top of the moving day admin and legal paperwork, it is also important to remember to update your address where necessary.

Neglecting to inform your bank, the electoral commission and others of your address change can result in serious consequences. So, we’ve made things simple. Below are some of the essential organisations you will need to notify when changing address.

1. Post Office

Notifying the post office of your move means that any post accidentally sent to your previous address can be redirected. This ensures that you will still receive your post during the transition period whilst you update your address with those who need it.

2. ATO

Informing the Australian Tax Office (ATO) of an address change is vital. This will ensure there is no bureaucratic red tape when lodging your tax return.

3. Your Bank

This is important for various reasons. Firstly, your mail (i.e. bank statements, etc.) will go to the correct place. Secondly, if your card is ever stolen or lost, a correct address will make it easier to replace. And, if you need to apply for a loan, failure to advise an address change could create major headaches.

4. Electoral commission

Whether or not an election is coming up, keeping your details up to date with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is essential. If not, you may be registered to the wrong electorate when voting.

5. Medicare

This is often overlooked. However, informing Medicare ensures health insurance claims are simple when you need them. It’s much better to get it done rather than wait for an emergency situation.

6. Utilities

Informing utility providers of an address change ensures your water, gas and electricity bills are received. If you’re staying with your current provider(s), the process is very simple.

7. Internet/phone company

Reliable internet and phone connections are crucial, especially if you work from home. To avoid hassle, contact your providers before moving so everything will be ready for when you arrive.

8. Insurance provider

This is important to ensure you are financially protected if something should happen. Remember, failing to update details can potentially void your coverage. To avoid this, we recommend notifying your provider(s) before you move.

9. Transport department

While different for each state, there’s a grace period for updating your licence details. However, neglecting to do so can result in hefty penalties. If you’re moving interstate, it’s important to update your address within three months.

10. Schools

If your children will continue attending the same school, updating your address ensures you receive all communications. If changing schools, it’s important to advise both schools of the move.

11. Subscriptions

Do you subscribe to a magazine, newspaper, sporting club or other services? If so, updating your address ensures you continue to receive their mail, items and offers.

12. Family and friends

While it seems obvious, many people forget to tell friends and family their new address. An easy way to do this is via a mass Facebook message, email or group text message.

13. Others

Here are some smaller organisations you may want to inform of your move:

• After-school care/childcare
• Charities
• Gyms
• Pet microchip registry
• Store loyalty programs
• Superannuation and/or union organisations
• Financial institutions

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