20 Crazy Moving tips- not so crazy after all

Two Man Lifting Sofa — Removalist in Brisbane, QLD

When moving, no effort or detail is too great in making an otherwise hellish experience become a narrative on snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. We hope the unusual tips below, will save you time, energy – and some frustration when relocating.

Before you move…

  • Did I hear someone say “fire sale”?

It can never be overemphasised – declutter, declutter, declutter is the MO when moving. What you can’t sell, give away – you will be thankful for the extra space, believe me.

  • Fridge raid

There’s never been a better time to raid your fridge. Eat as much as you can and give out the rest.

  • Eat out, or out of a paper plate

Washing dishes is never fun, and it’s less likely to make your day when you’re planning a gruelling move. My advice – avoid dishes at all cost.

Protect breakables

Use old clothing, for instance worn towels, to wrap fragile items. Stuffing your drinking glasses in old socks may sound crazy but it works!

Packing techniques

  • Should you choose to retain your favourite meal be sure to pack it tightly in a container, it may come in handy as takeaway during the move.
  • Packing jewellery can be stressful. However, wrapping chains, bracelets and laces around straws and toilet paper rolls can work wonders for your precious time.
  • When moving, theft of valuables is a real threat. You can counter this by hiding valuables in boxes labelled with misleading titles, or pack them in nondescript boxes.
  • Use a corn cob as a cork, or a cut off rubber sole, to tightly seal containers with sensitive liquids like turpentine or kerosene – usually found in your garage.
  • It’s so easy to lose earrings, to avoid this consider reusing torn egg trays to mount your earrings by piercing through them. It really works!

Have a photographic mind

Wacky home videos have never come in handier. Do a video shoot of your stuff to keep track of your belongings before and after your move – plus it will make for good memories down the road.

Email yourself

Send all important inventory information to your email to check on once you’re in your new home

Download a moving app

There are tons of them on the internet that can help you manage your inventory and budget

Make the home ready for the move

  • Moving will involve the discarding of some items, including match boxes. Wet the matches to avoid your house catching fire at a time when it’s the last thing you need.
  • Has the access road to your home been rendered impassable by fallen branches or wash-outs? Making it accessible should become your new vocation – until you’ve successfully seen off the moving truck

D Day

  • Temporarily disconnect from social media platforms to avoid the temptation of posting your moving details – such updates can pose security threats.
  • To avoid stopovers for snacks and meals, carry enough food for yourself and the movers too. Moving is a time for sharing.
  • To avoid losing valuable jewels, wear them or distribute them to be worn by members of your family. You might as well look flash while moving.
  • Leave pets and children at a secure location during the move, collect them once you’ve made the new place ready for them.
  • Stock enough toilet paper, prepare for any eventuality including an upset stomach

Settling after moving

  • You need to unpack your television as the last thing when you finally put up your feet, otherwise it will distract you from organising your new house.