10 Helpful Last Minute Moving Tips

Man Packing Items Inside a Box — Removalist in Brisbane, QLD

So the day has finally come, the day of your move. The day when you are finally leaving your old home to settle in a new one. The day when you look back at those months of preparing for this day, those months of packing, of ticking items on your to-do lists, and of working hard to make sure that everything will be in place come this final day. The question, however, is are you ready? Have you packed everything securely?

Have you prepared your new house completely so that you can move in smoothly? Have you ensured that nothing will be left unattended in your old home? The process of moving out and moving in is a difficult one, there is no doubt, and it can be stressful and overwhelming. Packing in everything can already be hard for you, but making sure everything is in order on the day of your move out can be equally tedious as well.

Here are some tips to help you on the day of your move out:

  1. Go over your to-do list and to-pack list one more time. There’s nothing wrong with being too sure. Go over your lists one more time to make sure that nothing will be left behind. Always have your lists in your pockets, or save them on your phone for easier access, so that you can go over them faster and easier. Tick every task that you are able to accomplish so that you will feel rewarded whenever you take a step closer to accomplishing everything!
  • Leave the new address of your home to the caretaker or to a trusted neighbour so that if something is accidentally left behind or mail that hasn’t been redirected yet to your new home address, they will able to resend them or redirect it correctly and efficiently. A few weeks before your moving day, you should have already redirected your bills to your new address to prevent delays or problems when it comes to paying you for your utilities.
  • Have an extra box where you can store all the loose items you will see before and during the day of move out. These loose items are things that you either forgot to pack, or things that you were still using regularly before your move out, e.g. your toiletries, gadgets, pieces of clothing, and some personal items. Make sure that you have a bag or a box ready to stuff everything in so that you will no longer rummage through all your boxes just to pack them.
  • Your packing supplies must be easy-to-reach. Prepare a small box where you could store your bubble wraps, scissors, packing tapes, newspapers, etcetera, so that when something has to be packed instantly, you won’t waste time looking for your supplies. This will also ensure that every box and bag that you are loading in the truck is correctly and securely packed.
  • Make sure that your boxes are correctly labelled. Save yourself the trouble of going through each box that you have just to get something. Labelling the boxes appropriately will help you save time and effort. This will also save you the unloading time as you will know what to unload and unpack first. Some things can wait to get unpacked, your decors, books, furniture, etc.
  • A few days before your move out, double check if your transportation is ready to get going on your last day. If you are renting a truck or moving trailer, check again with the company where you are renting from to ensure that it is set for the day of your move out. If you are hiring a professional mover, call their company again to make sure that everything is in order for your move out. By doing so, you are preventing unnecessary surprises and delays come the final day of your moving out.
  • Your utilities in your old home must be cut off after you have finally moved out, and those that you will use on your new house must already be available on the day of your move-in. Make sure that you call the respective companies so that you will not be left without a water heater or proper ventilation when you have finally moved into your new home, nor will you be left with just a flashlight to use on your last day in your old address.
  • Don’t skip meals! Moving out of one place and into another is a tedious process; it is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Come the day of your move out, make sure that you eat on time. Drink enough water to prevent dehydration. By ensuring that you have enough nutrients and energy on your body, you will able to work faster and more efficiently throughout the task. You can also prevent unnecessary sickness that may hinder you from doing your tasks during and after your move out.
  • Pack your stuff in the right order. Things that are least important, say, those that you will not use immediately after your move in, e.g. your ornaments, some furniture, and extra clothing can be loaded first in the truck or moving trailer so that they will be the ones to be unloaded last. The ones to be unloaded first should be the things that you will need immediately after you have settled in your new place, your toiletries, pantry food, important documents, etc., for example. By doing such, you are saving the time and effort of going through each box to find something that you will need right away.
  1. You can also prepare an overnight bag. An overnight bag is where you put everything that you will use on your first night in your new home. Have a bag where you can put your toiletries, gadgets, a few pairs of clothing to use on your first day at home. You might be dead tired already on the day of your move out, so to save you some time and energy, have an overnight bag ready for you and your family.

Go through every item on this list to help you on your moving out a task, may it be before, during, and after your move out has finally been completed. The process of moving out is already a tedious process which takes up so much of your time and effort, so making sure that you are more than ready on the final day of your move out can save you unnecessary stress and surprises. By following this list, you can also save some time and effort when moving out; save some time to go back and forth some things, figuring out if you left something or have prepared everything, and save some effort in doing unnecessary tasks just to accomplish some things.

Remember, though, when the going gets tough, don’t forget to ask help from your family, your friends, or a professional mover, if your budget permits. At the end of the day, remember to take your time and stick to a routine where you are most comfortable in. Do not pressure yourself to finish everything at once so you can be more effective and efficient in your tasks. In no time, you are surely able to accomplish everything in your list!