10 Awesome Moving-Away Gift Ideas

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Whether you’re leaving home for college or a new job, or your loved ones are making a change – moving away is never easy. You’ve spent years together in the same city and now you’ll be miles apart. You want to give your loved one something incredible to remember you by and make it feel like you’re not actually so far away.

Here are some awesome gift ideas to send along with your loved ones:

1.  A Letter a Day…

Choose some of your favourite photos, sayings or quotes and write a few short letters to your loved one and place them in envelopes with different titles. The titles are instructions for when the envelope should be opened. Some ideas include: Open when: you need to laugh at yourself, Open when: you need encouragement, or Open when: you miss home. Personalise the messages to fit your relationship, helping your loved one adjust to their new home.

2. Novelty Artwork

Pick an awesome saying or picture from a TV show or movie that you both love and create a piece of novelty artwork. Choose something meaningful for your friend or family member to remember you by, like “Some friends are worth melting for” from Frozen, or “You will always be my person” from Grey’s Anatomy. Personalise it to fit in with their new home.

3. A Personal Picture Frame

Put together a cute picture frame as a great gift to remember each other. Add a heartfelt quote along with the outline of the states or countries you’ll each be in and connect them with hearts. An alternative would be to decorate a picture frame with designs you know your friend or family member will like. Together with a friendship quote, this will make a delightful gift to remind them of you.

4. Personal Artwork

Collect your favourite photos and create a friendship collage. You can add awesome artistic touches like some scrapbooking crafts or melt some wax crayons on a canvas for a colourful reminder of their hometown. Take inspiration from the things you share to personalise the artwork.

5. Custom Friendship Mugs

A great gift for your loved ones moving away is a coffee mug. What better way for them to remember you than every morning when they have their cuppa’ Joe? Customise them with each other’s names and sketches to look like both of you. You can have them made or simply order a set online. It’s beautiful and practical at the same time.

6. Something Sweet

Use your loved one’s taste buds as inspiration for a going-away gift. Grab some of their favourite candy and add a cute message like “Owl miss you”, or a bottle of their favourite coffee with a note the reads: “I’ll miss you a latte”. A great idea if they are moving to a new country would be to send a basket local treats along to remind them of home, especially if their new home doesn’t stock their favourites.

7. Signed Away

Frame a map of your hometown and have all your friends and family sign it with a short message as a memorable moving away gift for your loved one. It will be a great addition to their new home and a delightful way to remember you.

8. Moving Away Survival Kit

Put together a survival kit of all your loved ones’ favourite things. Add some of their favourite candy, an awesome book or movie and a box of tissues for when they miss you. You can customise this gift in hundreds of different ways to perfectly fit their tastes. Some other ideas to include are a bottle of wine, a notebook, jewellery, stationary, a picture frame, or even a travel pillow and some road-trip snacks.

9. A Note a Day…

Another great going-away gift idea is a 365 note jar. Write out 365 notes for your loved one to read each day for the first year they are away. Create a key for different topics and include notes with memories you share, inspiring sayings, reasons you love them and reasons you’ll miss them – get creative!

10. A New Key, a New Keychain

A fantastic gift for your loved one moving away is a new keychain for their new keys. Find something symbolic of your hometown, your friendship or something they absolutely loved from back home to send with them on their way. You could even have custom keychains made that symbolise your friendship, like the state or country where you live. Add a personal touch by engraving it with their name or a sweet message.

It can be difficult to say goodbye, even if you know you’ll see them again soon. So make the change special and memorable by sending a gift that will help your friend or family member’s new home feel like the one they’ve left behind. Give them something unique that will make them feel loved and that they are definitely going to be missed. Happy gifting!